EntityModel cross-language database abstraction

Crossing the language barrier with Perl

The stability and flexibility of Perl makes it a fantastic asset in rapid application development, but often a project requires components in several different languages. These might include client-side javascript, mobile apps on Android/iOS, or desktop applications for which C or C++ may be a better fit. Fortunately, Perl makes it easy to apply abstract model definitions to other contexts, and EntityModel provides a framework for doing just that.

The base EntityModel distribution provides a data storage abstraction system (in the form of an Object Relational Model) for accessing backend storage from Perl and other languages. The intent is to take a model definition and generate or update database tables, caching layer and the corresponding code (Perl/C++/JS/Python etc.) for accessing data.

The model definition itself is extensible, allowing more than just a data model: current extensions include

On the Perl side of the EntityModel framework:

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